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UX/UI design
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Ecoroute is a group project conducted by myself and four other Massey College of Creative arts Students.

After lock down at the beginning of 2020 New Zealand’s local economy suffered immensely especially small tourist towns that are no longer getting the visitor numbers they are used to.  Our design response to this issue is EcoRoute, an environmentally focussed extension to the existing Google Maps, making sustainable decisions and purchases easily accessible to travellers. This extension will act as an ethical travel companion, suggesting any local businesses that are already doing their bit. Helping to boost the local economy and support a range of businesses nationwide


Serving as creative leaders, we had to apply research and innovation theories to business and social-enterprise practices in order to conceptualise, develop, and deliver a strategic offering for a defined audience.

This was a very broad and 'open for interpretation' brief.

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This project involved an immense amount of research. We had to cover everything from the business model, what the cost of resources would be, the final designs etcetera.

My main focus in the group was to work out how the extension would work in with Google Maps so I ended up prototyping different elements to visually show how a user would use Ecoroute.

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