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Through the exhausting months of levels one, two, three and four, it was clear that there is a need for a more accessible, open and supportive design community. In response to this, co–folio is an exploration of how design can reimagine its own social structures within an online space allowing New Zealand designers to collaborate, build lasting connections and support one another.


Prior to this project I had a semesters worth of research to help me come up with my own brief which is as follows:

How can human centred design provoke traditional systems in the New Zealand design industry by encouraging the growth of its community through collaboration in an online environment.

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My process involved mostly human centred methods with a lot of my insights coming from surveying, interviewing and chatting to people. For my interface I incorporated a user-centred approach and user personas / user journeys were central in developing my design output. Using these techniques allowed me to understand the needs of my user and the barriers of their current experiences.

User testing and iterating was also important for this project. This process began by making lo-fi paper and clickable Adobe XD prototypes in order to easily test how my user would navigate through the website. I was able to conduct user testing on my peers and some Victoria University design students however, if I had the opportunity I would have tested it on a wider audience to gain more insight and make my final design output even stronger.

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